Endorsements for Martha Zoller

  • “Martha is running against the establishment, which, as we know, is an uphill battle; but with all of our support she can win. In Congress, she’ll vote to cut spending, lower taxes, and repeal Obamacare. In addition to being pro-life and a firm defender of our Constitution, including our Second Amendment rights, Martha is a strong fiscal conservative.”

    - Gov. Sarah Palin

  • “Martha shares our commitment to the value of each and every life, that economic success is found in free markets, and that our government must be limited and accountable to the people.”

    - Rick Santorum

  • “Martha is a good friend and I trust her conservative values. I wholeheartedly endorse Martha Zoller for Congress because Washington needs unapologetic conservatives like Martha to put this country back on the right track and ensure prosperity for generations to come.”

    - Newt Gingrich

  • “I have known and have been friends with Martha Zoller for well over a decade. She is a true Reagan Conservative, and will be an amazing congresswoman representing GA.”

    “Martha will fight for balanced budgets, the repeal of obamacare, and will help keep America strong in a dangerous world. I am truly honored to call Martha a friend”

    - Sean Hannity

  • “For the last 15 years, Martha Zoller has been a conservative voice for northeast Georgia.  A rock-solid conservative and proven leader, Martha is experienced and principled, and ready to end the reckless behavior in Washington.  We need to send her to Congress to hold politicians accountable and put this country back on the right track.”

    - Mark Levin 

  • “There truly is no better way to inaugurate a new Congressional District than with a strong pro-life leader — and Georgia’s 9th Congressional District deserves just that.”

    - SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser

  • “We want to send a Tom Graves-type warrior to Washington.  Martha wants to go up there and ruffle feathers, not smooth things over.”

    – Debbie Dooley, State Coordinator for Georgia Tea Party Patriots

  • “Washington DC has disconnected from what we stand for, and we have got to take it back from the outside, and sending people like Martha to Washington is one of the ways we do that.”

    – Herman Cain

  • “Congress needs more people like Martha Zoller who have rock solid conservative credentials.  Martha will bring a fresh perspective to Congress because she is not a career politicans, and will help lead the fight to end ObamaCare.”

    – David Bossie, President of Citizens United

  • “Georgia needs an experienced and effective conservative communicator like Martha in Congress. It’s time that Georgia sent a well qualified woman to Congress.”

    – Bettye Chambers, Grassroots Activist

  • “My friend Martha Zoller, given her career, is probably more in tune with the hopes and concerns of the 9th District than anyone else. I’m proud to support her.”

    - Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief, Redstate.com

  • “Martha has spent the last 15 years making sure the voices of everyday, hardworking Georgians are heard. She’s exactly the kind of leader we need in Congress.”

    - S E Cupp, Author “Losing Our Religion”

  • “Martha is one of us, the polar opposite of a career politician. We need this representation in the new 9th. Martha will be a voice in DC that we can depend on, not just another serial office holder. A Great Candidate!”

    - Jack & Marcia Price

  • “I am proud to call Martha Zoller a friend and know that she is the type of principled leader who can drive change in Washington, DC. Balanced budgets and cutting taxes aren’t about conservative dogma. Martha understands that this is the recipe for making America’s economy stronger. That means we have a business environment that can create jobs.”

    - Governor John Kasich (Ohio)

  • “Martha is a fearless fighter for liberty. We need her principled leadership in Washington.”

    - Lori Roman, founder, Regular Folks United

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